CARs: Advanced Interpretation + Application

CARs: Advanced Interpretation + Application


Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs, form the backbone of the Functional Range Systems.  Vital in human movement assessment, therapeutic interventions and performance optimization training, CARs represent the purest expression of human articular function.  This webinar, which was filmed at our inaugural FRS Summit (June 2018 in Newberg, Oregon), is dedicated to the advanced interpretation and application of this invaluable tool.

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The webinar begins with truly mind-blowing lectures delivered by FRS creator Dr. Andreo Spina and FRS Master Instructor Dr. Michael Chivers on the science of human articulations, their evolutionary development, the importance of joint space, and how and why the creation of space is important for the efficiency of global movement. This provides the background to further understand what CARs represent and how we can analyze them more to glean valuable information about the capacity of each articulation. From this we will understand that to truly value CARs and their importance, it is necessary to view them as a type of movement skill that can ultimately lead to the transfer of learning to other movement skills.  When viewed as a skill, CARs then become a trainable entity.

With lecture content, coupled with practical sessions led by various FRS Master instructors, we will take you through the spectrum of CARs training from the creation of a full representation of articular rotation, to how to use overload and implement training to focus on specific qualities to be improved.

Webinar includes access to:

  • OVER 12 HOURS of new lecture materials
  • New advanced CARs video library
  • Presentation slides
  • Presenter tables
  • Reference lists
  • Bonus lectures
  • And more…