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Functional Range Release (FR)® Seminars:

Anyone is able to attend an FR Release® seminar to learn the content for personal interest, however in order to obtain certification after attending you must be a licensed medical practitioner or manual therapy practitioner. This includes bit not limited to careers as a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, medical doctor, nurse, acupuncturist and athletic therapist.

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)® Seminars:

Anyone is able to attend a Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)®seminar to learn the content for personal interest, however in order to receive a certification you must already be a certified trainer, manual practitioner or medical practitioner prior to attending. This includes but not limited to careers as a yoga instructor, cross fit trainer, Strength and Conditioning trainer or personal trainer etc. Individuals who are non-fitness professionals who attend through interest will not receive a certification through FAS.

Functional Range Assessment (FRA)™ is open to those who have successfully completed either the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)® and/or one of the Functional Range Release (FR)® certification seminars.

The KINSTRETCH Level I Instructor certification program is open to those who have successfully completed the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) certification.

Functional Range Release® and Functional Range Conditioning® are on a continuum. The FR seminar covers soft tissue assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation and is geared towards manual therapists. The FRC system continues on these principles covering rehabilitation, body control, and mobility training – this seminar is geared towards both manual therapists as well as trainers. The FR seminar is medically/clinically focused; FRC is more training/rehab focused. If you are a trainer, you would likely gain more benefit from the FRC seminar.

  • FRC® and Kinstretch® Seminars are $999 USD
  • FRA® and FR® Seminars are $1200 USD

We are not currently offering CEU credits. If you would like to petition your board and ask that they acknowledge the hours, we will provide a syllabus of the course and the CVs of the instructors.

Your certification does not expire. Upon successful completion of a seminar, the participant will be offered a certification by Functional Anatomy Seminars. This certification will allow you to announce yourself as FR® or FRC® (depending on the seminar taken) certified for the purposes of advertising. You will also be included in our websites ‘Find a Provider’ network.

Private seminars are exclusive to invited members only. If you have been invited to join one of our private seminars, please register on the website,

You should have received your username and password upon registration. You will receive access 2 weeks prior to the seminar to the live and structured lectures. Everything else will become available the weekend of the seminar. Please watch all live and structured lectures.

The live lectures are approximately 5 hours AND Structured lectures there are approximately 2 hours. Live lectures take precedent over the structured lectures.

Please click on “Become a Provider” for a list of upcoming certifications for (FRC)® , (FR)® , Kinstretch or (FRA)™. If there is availability, you will be able to click Register. If there are no openings, you are encouraged to join the waiting list.

It all depends on the size of the list. If a spot opens up, you will be notified.