• The BioFlow model is a huge component in the understanding and application of the principles of the FR, FRC, FRA, and Kinstretch. In the first Bioflow lecture, Functional Anatomy Seminars creator Dr. Andreo Spina described how our training and treatment inputs, acting at the cellular level, guide the continuing changing physical landscape of the body.  As he notes, “force is the language of cells, and movement is what we say.”

    Expanding on these concepts, the Bioflow Revisited lecture by Dr. Michael Chivers, lead FR and FRA instructor, brings further perspective to the BioFlow model and how our applied forces help drive our motor learning, shape our movement behaviour and lead to plastic changes in our brains.  Force is also the language of afference.

  • Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs, form the backbone of the Functional Range Systems.  Vital in human movement assessment, therapeutic interventions and performance optimization training, CARs represent the purest expression of human articular function.  This webinar, which was filmed at our inaugural FRS Summit (June 2018 in Newberg, Oregon), is dedicated to the advanced interpretation and application of this invaluable tool.

  • In the last ten years, the baseball world has seen an explosion of new elbow injuries – what has been understandably deemed the “Tommy John Epidemic”. Nearly 25% of MLB pitchers have succumbed to the injury, resulting in millions of dollars lost per year and prompting dozens of biomechanics and research groups to investigate the problem further.