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FR® Mastering The System

Master Instructor, Dr. Michael Chivers discusses the Upper Trapezius and its influence on shoulder mechanics.

FR® Mastering The System2021-07-19T10:49:44-04:00

FR®: Assessment to Treatment Flow

FR®: Assessment to Treatment Flow By: Dr. Michael Chivers, FRS Master Instructor

FR®: Assessment to Treatment Flow2021-04-22T11:19:30-04:00

FRC®: Training at Length

FRC®: Training at Length By: Dewey Nielsen, FRS Master Instructor

FRC®: Training at Length2021-04-22T11:20:07-04:00

FRC: Spine Internal Strength Training

FRC: Spine Internal Strength Training By: Caitlin Hogan, Kinstretch Instructor & FRCms @chogan25 VIEW POST

FRC: Spine Internal Strength Training2021-03-07T17:48:24-05:00

FR: Soft Tissue Therapy & Active Inputs

FR: Soft Tissue Therapy & Active Inputs By: Ryan Esdohr, FR Practitioner, FRCms & FRAs @ryanesdohr VIEW POST

FR: Soft Tissue Therapy & Active Inputs2021-03-07T17:45:50-05:00

Kinstretch®: Isometric Ramping Drill

Kinstretch®: Isometric Ramping Drill By: Christina Gonzales, FRS Instructor @coach_christinamarie

Kinstretch®: Isometric Ramping Drill2021-03-07T17:40:45-05:00

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